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ITworx was approached by Lumenis, an Israeli companyĀ and global leader in the field of minimally invasive clinicalĀ solutions for the Surgical, Ophthalmology and AestheticsĀ Market to assist with web development services for theirĀ corporate web presence, which runs on the EVOQ platform.

The scenario was one where Lumenis had an existing DNN corporate presence and were already underway with a brand and design refresh, but had experienced issues with the previous DNN vendors that meant they wanted to try working with a different DNN development team.


The requirement was for us to continue with this brand refresh using the existing codebase currently in mid-development. This put us in a situation where we needed to very quickly understand the current development environment and begin working on the reported items in a shortened timeframe. We were able to immediately continue with the task list.

While Lumenis headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel, regular meetings were nonetheless seamless to run. These regular interactions with Lumenisā€™ web team were a good opportunity for us to provide overall advice to Lumenis on design direction and to bounce around ideas in a collaborative approach.

This open and constructive working relationship greatly eased the transition for Lumenis from the incumbent DNN vendors to ITworx. As we got more involved we were able to take on more development and resolve issues regarding DNN custom skins, Localisation as well as heavy customisations to the DNN menu.


The quick turnaround between old and new DNN vendor allowed Lumenis to launch the new refreshed design within a short timeframe without the pain that you would normally expect when transitioning between development teams midway through a project.

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