Support Management

Support Management

ITworx provides cost effective but efficient IT solutions related to project management, business analysis and quality assurance.


Our professionals have acquired necessary expertise in methodologies used for a successful project management right from its planning to implementation. Our project management team analyses all aspects of project management methodologies, including planning, feasibility analysis, identification of project objectives, identification of resources required for the task, and budgeting.


We have a team of professionals who are well-trained in business analysis methodologies. The team follows a defined approach to study project scope and requirements, working closely with you to understand the project requirements. On the basis of this they formulate a strategy that is easily understandable and actionable for your IT team, as well as meeting your business goals.


Our professionals are well experienced in Quality Assurance and Testing methodologies. They have all necessary expertise in using tools and techniques required for quality assurance and testing, including software testing, server performance testing, and system usability testing. We offer our customers flexibility in selecting the most suitable quality assurance and testing services as per their requirements.